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Scent Blocker

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As im sure alot of you have seen through Cabela's catalogs or T.V. or maybe you havent heard of the new Dream Season line of ScentBlocker boots,clothing,etc.

I am considering buying the new Insulated ScentBlocker boots and im just wondering if anyone could tell me what they think about these boots based on experience or what you've heard. (they are 169.99 or 179.99 i believe)

Thanks for input!!!!:biggrin::biggrin:
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scent blocker is carbon right? and carbon has to be reactivated by running it in a dryer. i use the socks and rubber boots. but what do i know? it may work well.
Didn't somebody mention a lawsuit regarding Scentblocker and the whole carbon jazz thing awhile back on this site?
I have a pair of these uninsulated boots and they are the most comfortable boots my piggies have ever lived in for a day. I wear them through the cold season and double up on socks with toe warmers. I assume the insulated ones are just as good. They are pricey and the only reason I have a pair is they were gifted to me. I recall this subject mentioned on another thread but forgot where. I recently read that a dryer does not get near hot enough to reactivate the carbon. Not sure of the validity of this.
I have a scent lok suit I have been wearing for about 5 years now. Some days I don't think deer smelled me and other days I was winded. After hearing all the claims about the validity of scent lok/ scent blocker I started to spray my self down with an earth cover scent. I still wear the scent lok suit because it is warm and comfy. Rozman62 is right , the carbon suits have to be reactivated in a dryer at 200 degrees, but many home dryies out there will not get that hot. I would definatly question any company that sells any scent lok/scent blocker items.
if you use a scented stuff on your scent-lok it stops the clothes from working but if you only wear it cause its warm it doesn't matter. i know the stuff works i've had deer at 10 ft not know i'm there while i'm standing on the ground with a bad wind. same morning i had one walk by me a 3ft that one caught a wiff and blew heading out. thats when i found that the flash doesn't bother deer also.

This is interesting. Basically says carbon suits are a sham and no way to re-activate them.

I only started to spray myself this past year, had better luck not getting busted. Too one's own preference.
I use sprays, if they didn't work I wouldn't waste my money. Stay clean watch the wind and spray down.
Oh I use sprays just no scented stuff. i'm going to try the silver xp this year its new from primos. i believe in the sliver thread stuff so this should be good also. i tried dead down wind but even i could smell it so i figure the deer could. they say a deer can smell the difference between an apple from a tree they know and an apple from somewhere else.
i still use mine i just go to the laundymat and pop it inthere machines its hot enough to burn ya
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