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scent blocker camo.

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does this stuff really help out, or is it just a marketing scheme? i picked up the pants and jacket from dicks sporting goods at a pretty good deal. they gave me the military discount and everything. just trying to get a feel for what i need to do while wearing it. im still going to use the scent killing sprays and stuff, but do i need to use the same amount as traditional camo, or do i not need to use as much due to the inherrant scent blocking of the gear?
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i always whsh it the way it says to and use the detergent it recomends, but i always use my cover scent spray just to be extra safe because i would hate to be wearing the only defective piece of clothing that came off the line...
i have the whole ball of wax pants shirt coat socks hood hat i guess the only thing i don't have is scent blocker tighty whites but i love this stuff just wash it and dry it the way the tags says the only other spray i use is on my hair and the soles of my boots its not 100% but really close i got pretty close to deer with this stuff i still try to keep the wind in my favor good luck
ok, so its not just a marketing scheme, this stuff is fairly effective then. what ive worn in previous years was an old field jacket i got issued at basic, some old BDU pants and poly pro long john type under garments with issued boots. had to use just about a whole bottle of scent killer to get that stuff to smell decent. but it worked, i might have seen more or killed more had i been wearing something better, but what the hell, it worked. now i feel more prepared.
no weve had this discussion bfore,scentblocker lost a court case against a group of hunters in minnesota.they had to change there advertising claims about the product.forget the wind just hunt is complete nonsense.i to have some of this stuff but i dont waste my money on it any more.the best clothing for my money is rivers west,10yr waterproof guarrantee and if you rip it they replace order to recharge the scentblocker garments your dryer would have to go above 700 degrees this stuff is bogus.follow good hygiene and watch the wind you dont need this overpriced stuff.
well, for me it wasnt overpriced. i paid a little over 84 for the jacket, and right around 90 for the pants. and i figured on doing all the regular stuff for scent control, just wanted to get a feel for what it can actually do. i got it because it looked warm enough and silent enough for hunting. other stuff i was looking at would either kind of crackle when bunched up, or make that noise corduroy pants would make, kind of a swooshing sound. i like the fleece, and it is comfortable.
From what I've read, carbon will absorb more odor than a non-carbon filter. I don't know anything about the heat reactivating issue. Getting a good price may make them worth buying. I feel they give a small advantage to the hunter but it won't get you a deer if that's all you depend on. Just consider it one more barrier to your scent blocking system.
I have the coat and the pants, both of which I got on a great deal from Dicks as well. Not sure if it helps or not but for the price I paid it was worth a shot. Still use scent block spray and play the wind as that always has seemed to work well.
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