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saw a redfield

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Can you expound on the redfield for me ronn.. Im sure I read somewhere on here or in a magazine about some changes or something.. Didnt they use to be owned/manufactured by bass pro?
Just educated myself in the thread below this one. Was thinking I had read about them changing hands to Leupold some where.
ronn thats the same feeling 30 years ago I had with Redfield. I hope leuplod does put the the Redfield name back on the prefered list. I haven't picked up a new model to look through.
If you hear of anyone who has purchased a Redfield and used it, let us know the prognosis if you can.
I looked thru one a few days ago at Academy in Joplin,seemed to be a nice looking scope and clear,3x9x40 was 149.00.
I like night crawlers ronn :shocking: and older redfield scopes too you know....especially the $10.00 ones:whistling: he he he

i have one on a 300 wsm 3x9 4 plex took my first deer with the package this evening. for the money you cant beat it! the only thing i didnt like was adjustment clicks a little soft feeling for me. supposed to be the same as the v 1 so i have been told!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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