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Savage 300 Winchester magnum

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iam thinking about buying a savage 300 Winchester magnum what can u guys tell me about this gun what ur views
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the savage 110 is a pretty good gun. i have their heavy "long range" in 308. i have a 243 that the boy has shot 2 deer with and can hold quarter size groups at 100. the kid can shoot.
i have 2 300 mags one is a stevens 200i have a muzzle break on it it shoot great the other is a weatherby in 300 weatherby i would say the wenchester is the way to go ive got about 700.00 in gun mounts scope and 100 rounds with break
The 300 Win. Magnum is a great caliber with lots of fans. It'll kill anything on the planet and is exceedingly accurate. But taking the present economy into constideration, you might check out how much a box of bullets for that gun will cost. Depending on what game animal you are after, you might be just as well off with a good old 30/06 as I believe you can still get these on sale from time to time - and that doesn't happen too often with the magnums. And, by the way, that caliber will also do-in anything on four feet as well.
Another side point on caliber: my personal opinion is that if you are shooting a caliber for which you need to have a muzzle brake, you are shooting a gun that's unnecessarily big for you and, most likely, too big for your quarry.
for sale 150mm howitzer will work on antelope,deer, and other game:wacko:
That's a good one, Joel. But don't forget to put a brake on that one.:lol:
THATS THE PICTURE I HAD IN MY HEAD THE FLAMES COMING OUT OF THE BRAKE : if you look close theres a mulie really far down range
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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