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Savage 250-3000

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Well I won the auction tonight. This is one of those guns that will continue to climb in value over the years and one that I've wanted for a very very long time. Ammo is still available for it without much trouble. The pictures show it to be in ex cond, can't wait to see it. Will take at least a week to complete the transaction :sad: I will need a nice scope for it.......:confused:
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Congrats on winning it. Can't wait to hear how she shoots.
thanks WD! Hopefully no bad surprises. There is a three day return on these auctions. This one is a 1949 model year in the eg series.
Congrats HM, Good Luck
nice purchase hm post some pics when u get it
money and FFL sent out today, now just the nervous wait till it comes in. Looked on line and found a small dealer selling custom hand loaded 250 sav ammo with 115 gr Barnes bullets. I may have to check these out for deer? Thinking of putting a 4X12X40 scope on the 99 but not sure of make? Rings and bases are fairly available in Weaver style through, Midway, Planet Optics Bass pro ect.
getting pumped now, rifle is in shipment and will get it this week. Good timing as I'm on vacation! Heading to Cabela's tomorrow for bases & rings.
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