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Another Savage 99 Lover

Well after getting the Sav 99 250-300 the casings don't want to eject. The side spring plate catches the casing about 1/2" out of the chamber and locks up. I took it to a local dealer/gunsmith and after discussion today he is baffled and cannot see whats wrong. These are no longer made and so I will have to try on line and hopefully resolve the problem whatever it is. The gunsmith is an older guy that knows his stuff but he's scratching his head right now. He removed the parts and says all look ok so right now back to square one. I can press the loading gate to the left by hand and the casing will eject ok but somethings not right. I will try to locate a new spring/plate and see if that's the problem??? Any help from a old 99 guy or new one would be of great appreciation!
Talked to my father-in-law about your issue. He has a similar model, but in .300 Savage. He says you have either a worn extractor spring or that there is too much dirt/grime underneath to allow it to grab the lip of the cartridge. It's his best guess with me telling him about it over the phone without actually seeing it.

Can you disassemble everything then use a really fine stone on all of the bolt's edges that would/could wear or cause burrs on the metal? He emphasized a really, really fine stone so as not to cause too much wear. If you have any question send a PM and I can forward you on to father-in-law.
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