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Sako A7 Tecomate Rifle

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The Sako A7 Tecomate is without question the best factory rifle on the market. It is essentially a custom gun at production prices. The rifle is accurate, well-balanced, good looking, and loaded with custom features, including an awesome trigger and safety assembly, a full-length aluminum bedding system, one of the best designed and most functional stocks on the market, the recoil-taming Pachmayr Decelerator(r) Recoil Pad, and a custom-grade fluted barrel. No wonder it is guaranteed to shoot 1-inch or less 3-shot groups! When paired with the low profile Leupold VX-3L 4.5-14x50mm scope mounted on low Leupold Weaver-type rings, you have a fast-pointing combination with solid cheek-to-stock weld that makes the rifle a virtual extension of the shooter. Chambered for the powerful, flat-shooting .270 WSM and .300 WSM, the Sako A7 Tecomate lives up to it claim as the "Ultimate Whitetail Rifle" and is, in fact, the ideal rifle for anything in North America and African plains game.:thumbup:
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You should get a job in their marketing dept

Do you have one or have you just fallen in love with it at the gunshop?

makes me want to get one, .....almost.
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