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As another season has begun or will soon, spend a few moments prior to each outing with safety as a thought issue. Sometimes we get so automatic in our processes that we may, just for a second, put ourselves at risk of a fall, bullet that went astray, heat stroke, ect. My point is, just be careful and remember to think about safety as our sport is laden with potential dangers. Good hunting to all this season!
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Great post HM, well said... :goodposting:
we have already had 2 people fall out of tree stands....1 was a sheriff. every time before i head out, and even the night before, check and double check. last week during the early bow, i double checked my tree harness before i attached it. glad i did. it was ripped half way through from a falling limb during the last big storm we had.... safety safety safety......doesnt matter how long you have been hunting. or how "good" you are. anything can happen to anybody..... Happy trails, and more importantly, Happy Hunting.:goodposting:
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