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safety in the rain

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hi just one question is safe to use a climber when it's raining or snowing :coffee:
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hi just one question is safe to use a climber when it's raining or snowing :coffee:
I'd suppose.... Does your safety (OR that of your famiiy's) depend on you? I have used a climber in the rain but I wondered about the actual benefits. Do I kill a monster deer or do I fall, and injure myself badly? In my humble opinion, no deer is worth me handing that mount to my Grandson, as I sit in a wheelchair. :no:
I'm not big on hunting in the rain any more but people do and harvest nice deer in the rain. I would say it would boil down more to the type of tree your climbing because of the bark and the style of your stand, and of corse you should always use a safety harness. Here using climbers on public land they are not allowed to have spikes or any kind of add on that caz damage to the tree. But trees like oaks have thick bark and the bar on the climber digs in nice, after you get up there give you base two or tree bounces to REALY dig the bar into the tree.
Exactly what on the fly said IMO.

I rarely hunt in the rain or snow but when I do fear of falling out of my climber has never entered my mind. Choose a good tree and you will be fine.
I use my climber in blizzards and rain. Just make sure both sections have a great bite into the wood and use your harness. I have taken deer in snowstorms and down pours.
I love hunting in the rain and snow. I always have better luck on bad weather days. I strongly believe that deer pattern people and move more when they know we are not normally in the woods. That being said, it isn't the stand I would worry about. a SAFETY STRAP is your best bet. Make sure you have a good quality strap 1st. Then if you have a good quality stand that bites well, you should be perfectly fine. A little extra cautiuon when going up and down the tree wouldn't hurt though
I have used my summit viper in rain, snow and even ice storms. yes, these conditions do elevate the percentages for possible injury. but knowing that, you need to put yourself on a higher level of awareness. I am careful any time I go up a tree and even more careful (if that's possible) during foul weather conditions.
I love hunting in a misty morning. I think the climber is fine just watch as it bites as you go up.
I can stand hunting in misty rain or even a small shower, but not in down pours. I do however, LOVE hunting in the snow. That's probably my most favorite time of year to be outside.. I absolutely love it. I don't even mind shoveling it! My wife thinks I'm crazy but if we get snowed in I'll go out every hour or so and shovel off the drive again and again and again.
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