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Sad times

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well fellas, don't know about y'all but my deer season is winding down. only about 4 weeks left and not sure if i can make it back up to my lease in Georgia. gonna miss it, had a very good season this year. hopefully next season will be better. have a gameplan for what work needs to get done this summer and new stand locations. that will keep me thnking about it through the off season. i guess the only good thing is that turkey season is right around the corner.:thumbup: and the occasional hog hunt. hope everybody had a good season
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We only have about 7 days left. I hope to get in the wods 3-4 more times but it isn't looking to good. I think I have found another place for a stand on my lease. Construction will begin in January. It is going to be a Hoss
my 2010 deer season started yesterday. the 15th was the last of it for nh. good hunting those of you with season left.
TX 2009 deer season runs 7 Nov thru 3 Jan. Have another two weeks left.
I got tickled reading about AR's January youth hunt.

Youths 15 or younger may harvest deer during the special youth modern gun deer hunt. Youths who have completed hunter education must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years old. Youths who have not completed hunter education must be under the direct supervision of an adult at least 21. Youths may harvest their entire seasonal bag limit during the hunt, but must follow deer zone and WMA zone restrictions. Youth hunters may harvest their seasonal bag limit of bucks without regard to antler-point restrictions (except the East Unit of Choctaw Island WMA). Youths may harvest does statewide during the Nov. 7-8 hunt, but may harvest does only in deer zones 9, 12, 16, 16A and 17 during the Jan. 2-3 hunt; youths in all other zones must harvest bucks only. All deer harvested during the youth hunt will count toward the youth’s seasonal bag limit. No dogs allowed

Hey Gabi. There is 4 does. Hammer down.
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