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Sad Day

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Well the time has come. Last full weekend of deer season. Season will close at my lease in georgia next saturday. BUT, headed up for one last go. hopefully one of them big bucks will let me get a shot
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good luck kemster, i hung up my bow a couple days ago. Going to take some time off till spring turkey hunting. I would go out one more time, but we have 8 inches of snow on the ground w/STRONG winds and blisterly cold temps. Those three don't go well together in my book.
good luck !! we are down to 4 days left here in ky (1-17-11 last day) i did stick a doe yearling yesterday and have filled three of my 4 harvest limmit now i can git either a buck or one more doe n done but im not sure if ill go anymore or not caz it always seems to take a week or so to get the deer back on track after harvesting one of um out of the group so i think my chances are slim to see any before season ends but.... i'll probly still go caz i can and know theres only the 4 days left till opener day 8 or 9 months away. so time to pull out and blow the dust of the prety boy prety gal set:thumbup:
In just a couple of weeks it will be time here in Georgia to start hunting sheds...squirrel & rabbit season is open until Feb. 28th. Plenty of hunting left this season...
I wasn't sure I'd be butchering anything this year and then son and I connected Monday with ML'ers. I bow hunted 9 days in PA and 2.5 in Ohio this year which makes the lowest number of hunting days afield in a long time. January always starts the long winter/spring warm up. For those still hunting, enjoy and good luck!
I agree. It is a sad day when deer season ends. I got this picture of this fellow and spent the remaining three weeks of the season trying to get a shot at him. I let a bunch of does and several smaller bucks walk but never saw him. I killed two does previously so I had something to show for the season.

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