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Sabot question

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Hello, I currently don't have a muzzleloader but if all goes well I hope to get a CVA wolf sometime this month. I was just wondering, when shooting shooting sabots do you need to clean the barrel between every shot? I heard that they leave plastic residue in the barrel.
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I just spent a couple of hours shooting a TC Triumph using sabots and saw no plastic residue left over. I did get slightly better shot grouping by wire brushing every other shot using BlackHorn powder. In the Triumph the sabots do load rather tough don't know how the CVA would load. I was using 250 gr TC super glide sabots.
Ok thanks. I just wanted to know that I would be able to get a second shot off without having to clean the barrel. I would like to try some of those new Hornady FPB bullets because they aren't sabots, but they only come in 350gr which is 100gr's more than I want.
I wouldnt worry about plastic residue as much as the powder build up.thas why i shoot blackhorn powder i can shoot all day with out cleaning the barell. And the last shot loads as easy as the first.
I now use Blackhorn myself. Note: Read the load directions!! This is great stuff.
I was just going to try some 777 or pyrodex pellets. Are those any good?
I was a hard core pellet man but Blackhorn changed that. Yes the others work well but the consistancy and very little fouling of blackhorn makes them the hands down winner I promise you.:yes:
I thought the Triumph loaded hard after two shots and I wouldn't even try a third, I wired brushed after two shots, it was still tight but I could reload.

Hunting Man

Get yourself some Harvester Crushed Rib Sabots #15045 and you will find they load a lot easier then the TC Superglides.
Also with BH 209 there is no need to swab between shots. The residue left from previous shot acts like a lubricant and makes it easier to load the second shot.
Also for those of you using Blackhorn! Indifference to what Blackhorn says the residue left after shooting can and will attract moisture which can cause rust in your barrel. The powder is non-corrosive as it says but the residue left is bad. Use some Hoppes #9 and clean your rifle when you are done shooting like you would any other ML for your own good.
Thanks for the info, do you know where to locate the harvester sabots? As far as the Blackhorn powder, I thought it was a lot like black powder as my hands were literally black after the range shooting and it kinda smelled like black powder(no sulfur smell though) but doesn't give any smoke cloud after firing like black powder. Easier loading would be a blessing as after two shots it took considerable rod pressure with two hands to load. Thats why I wired brushed after two shots. Either my Triumph has a very tight bore or I getting very weak, there's no way you could shoot all day and continue to load this rifle. Blackhorn is expensive at $40.00 for 10 oz but I think its worth it.

Get the crushed rib sabots at Harvester Muzzleloading - Home
They are #15045 for a .451 bullet. I personally use the 260gr Scorpion PT Gold bullets also available there. About $20.00 for 50 bullets. Last order cost me $37.75 for 50 bullets and 50 sabots including shipping. Cheaper than paying 18.00 for 15 rounds. They ship fast right to your door.

By the way T C Bores are known to be tight but with Blackhorn you are better off with a tight load.

Yes it is expensive but I will never go back to pellets again!

Have fun with that Triumph they are a great rifle.
throw the sabots away and use PowerBelts 245 GR with two pellets of triple 7(100grains) you'll shoot consistantly and acuratly. you should easaly get 3 or 4 shots without cleaning the barrel. and if you using for hunting you'll be lucky for two shots anyways. and if your just getting the gun and shooting to sight it in then I would only shoot about three or four shoots before I would let the gun/barrel cool anyways but even then a nipple pick ( I use a tourch cleaning wire set, they are plenty long enough to reach in my gun with out taking anything apart) and a few dry patchs will be just fine to continue shooting.
Hunting Man, you can order the harvester sabots from cabelas. And I was going to try the powerbelt 245gr bullets and maybe the T/C shockwave's.
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