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This last November I was hunting in Ohio just prior to the rut. The weather dropped to the low teens and deer were really moving and chasing, but not breeding when we got there. It wasn't uncommon to see does, yearlings, 120+ and 150 class deer all feeding together at night. Two days later the rut kicked in and the really big guys were locked in with breeding, but the satelite bucks 120-130 class seemed to turn off and be content with feeding. I had a 130 class buck walk accross a new scent line twice and act as if he didn't smell a thing. Prior to the rut kicking in, any and all bucks were literally running into "Code Blue" scent trails. I noticed several other 120 class bucks basically ignore my scent trails which I took great pains to prepare without laying down any human odor. Does anyone understand why those satelite bucks turned off when the rut turned on? were they just afraid of getting their butts kicked by one of the big boys?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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