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Rut Confusion

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This last November I was hunting in Ohio just prior to the rut. The weather dropped to the low teens and deer were really moving and chasing, but not breeding when we got there. It wasn't uncommon to see does, yearlings, 120+ and 150 class deer all feeding together at night. Two days later the rut kicked in and the really big guys were locked in with breeding, but the satelite bucks 120-130 class seemed to turn off and be content with feeding. I had a 130 class buck walk accross a new scent line twice and act as if he didn't smell a thing. Prior to the rut kicking in, any and all bucks were literally running into "Code Blue" scent trails. I noticed several other 120 class bucks basically ignore my scent trails which I took great pains to prepare without laying down any human odor. Does anyone understand why those satelite bucks turned off when the rut turned on? were they just afraid of getting their butts kicked by one of the big boys?
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without being a deer its hard to say for certain why they do may be like you said they were tired of getting they're butt kicked.maybe by then they figured out your scent trail wasnt real.they live in the woods 24/7 gives em lots of time to track that "mystery doe"Also the real does went into heat and they were interested in that
I've had that same problem many times. Some bucks have put their head down and sniffed the scent and kept on going about and others just walk right by. This has happened alot more than the bucks following the trail. I probably just smell terrible even though I try my darndest not too. Deer never ever follow the script for me they just don't cooperate. But welcome to the site and greetings from WNY.
I would say they already now who the man is in the area. Also, how many times can you be fooled by the same trick? Do you not think deer learn? One other thing you may consider is mature deer have already found the does before they are ready and are just waiting for them to be ready to mate. Young ones will look and follow scent because lets face it if you were horny would you not take what you could get? You need to find the does the mature bucks will be there with them when they are close.
Good points made by everyone. I guess that's why they call it hunting and not killing.
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