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Our main offers are brown bear hunts in Kamchatka and Udmurtia.

Hunting season: 1st september - november (untill the first snow)
Tour duration: 7 days with 5 hunting days
Location: Udmurtia, 200-500km from Izhevsk
Hunting method: with hunting dogs
Tour price for a single hunter: 4300-5000 Euros
Number of hunters: 2-4

Hunting season: 25th april – 25th may*
Tour duration: 8 days with 5 hunting days
Location: Kamchatka
Hunting method: on approach/from boat
Tour price for a single hunter: 6500-8000 Euros
Number of hunters: 1-4
* - Recommended date: from may 1st

Prices include:

  • Meeting at the airport;

  • Living expenses;

  • Professional hunting services of a huntsman during the hunt;

  • If required – trained hunting dogs;

  • Renting the gun + ammunition;

  • Transportation during the hunt;

  • One trophy of a Brown Bear;

  • Licence and neccesary documentation for exporting the trophy.

Not included in the price:

  • Flight tickets;

  • Russian Visa;

  • Preservation of the trophy;

  • Delivery of the trophy to clients country;

  • Alcohol or other personal necessities;

  • Residency before and after the hunt.

We also offer hunts on other big and small game including Bighorn sheep, Wood grouse, Black grouse, Moose, Wild boar, Wolf, European Bison and others in Russia and Baltic States.

All this provided by hunters with over 15 year hunting experience for your enjoyment.

For any questions concerning our offers contact us by:
email: [email protected]
web: Hunting in Russia and Latvia
phone**: +371 2 6 450 239

**due to timezone differences it is best to contact us by email.
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