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rubber boots

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i recently purchased a pair of rubber boots for bow hunting and cannot believe the stench of rubber that is given off from the boots. is there any way to remove the smell so they are odorless? everyone on hunting shows wears rubber boots for their ability to be scent free but man do they reek when they are new! any suggestions? thanks in advance!
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I don't know what to tell COULD just set them outside for a while.........
Welcome to the deerhuntersclub deputy dog. glad to have you aboard.

All I can say is, I've used rubber boots many times and never had a problem from the rubber odors,
along with many other hunters that use rubber boots. My advice is to just work the wind in your favor or
let the boots stand for awhile until the rubber odor settles down a bit.

Good Luck to you.
Like Bruce said using the wind in your favor is your best bet. I use rubber boots almost exclusively when sitting a stand. I would suggest, wear them. Walk through water, mud, tall grass, and scrub them up with mud. Then spay them with scent killer. I spray with scent killer every time I go in the woods. You can also try washing the out side with a paste of baking soda and water. The smell does go away, to my nose anyway, after a little while. good luck
welcome aboard deputy dog, greetings from WNY. I also use rubber boots for any/all hunting purposes but I can never recall having any odor issue. But like ronn said maybe you can "rough em up" a little and maybe they'll break in or something. What brand are they?
field and stream 1000 gram thinsulate
That's kinda why I don't hunt with those...I've had a couple pairs, but never used them to hunt. I don't think mine ever stopped stinkin'. I went with a knee high regular sided boot with some sort of scent protection in the fabric. Either amount of scent protection will keep the keen nose of an old doe from busting you if she's down wind.
the smell will go away after ya break em in,like ronn said.I use too and rubber boots just like regular boots need to be "broken " in.wade some creeks with em,etc
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