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Rough actions/bolts on Firearms

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I was thinking after replying to previous thread that some may not know of the advantages of using a quality synthedic grease like Amsoil bearing grease on firearms actions. I get it from NAPA it comes in a white tub about the size of a cool wip container. The color of the grease is purple and it will work wonders. My standard breakin on a new firearms is disassemble as far as I am confortable, coat everything that moves or rubs with this purple magic then work the actions until I can't stand it. Try watching tv is takes your mind off what you are doing. Then disassemble again wipe off all the grease and apply a small amount on the stuff the rubs. If it is a bolt action rifle make sure to grease the locking lugs slightly
again before re-assembly. I have found this is incredible on Stainless Steel semi-automatic pistols. Pistols made of stainless have to be made of different alloys of stainless and the actions are not as smooth as traditional blued steel. This grease will make a difference give it a try. Other synthedic greases may work just as good, this is the one I have found.

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