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I have been shooting a bow for 25+ years and got my first today


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Congrats..... Too bad it costs so much to do it. Could get expensive....
Awesome shot, what a way to make an intro to the club. Welcome aboard.
Thanks..i thought I had just dented another arrow at first, I was at 25 yards and when I went to pull the arrows out of the target there were only 2, and when I looked on the other side there was the 3rd arrow pushed thru with an arrow in the end...need to buy a lottery ticket now.
Very cool! Looks like you drilled it in the exact center. Good shooting!
Yep thats cool shooting.. Welcome to the site.. Make yourself at home..
I know,I know - You were aiming for it, right!
so what did it cost 20$?i hate to damage arrows:no: i shot at separate spots to prevent damage.Looks cool on the mantle though :wink:welcome to the forum keep posting
OK ,,so now does this mean in order for you to hit the Vitals,
you're going to have to hand-stick an arrow in each Deer you see so you'll have a target to aim at??? :w00t: :w00t:
Not the whole arrow just the nock!:whistling: that was a nice shot
Well I must admit...I shoot a P.S.E. Dakota and Easton Fall Stalker arrows...not very high tech. but It works for me. I have cut the fletching off a few arrows and dented a few but never stuck one. They cost about $5 each and I cut my own so I guess it cost me about $10 but it's better than shooting off the wrong pen and sending one off in the woods which I have done...
i like to line my green pin up as the top 10-20 yrd and my yellow as 30 im going to add a 40 yrd red one means go:w00t:take the shot yellow is a little tricky best to wait if possible red well means stop:nerd:
I like that ...Green , Yellow, Red. After this season I am going upgrade my sight and I am gonna remember that one, Thanks
Three pins for me too, 20,30,40 green, red,yellow. Green and yellow were too close in color for me so I separated them by the red. But I like the joel stop light theme. 40 pin has never been used so far.
I use 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 is the bottom of my sight. Never used the 60 but I have used the 50. Keep in mind that I practice every other day at 50 and 60. I feel very comfortable at any of them given the conditions are right.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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