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Alright guys, I need some clarification on this concept that certain bullets shoot better from certain rifles. First, does anybody know the “why” of that? Secondly, I recently purchased a Weatherby/Howa .30-06, considering there are over a dozen different manufactures of ammo, not counting the number of different rounds they manufacture, at $20 to $40 per box this could prove to be an expensive experiment. Has anyone out there had experience with a Weatherby/Howa .30-06 and what rounds tend to shoot best with this rifle?
The why is usually due to the quality of materials being used in manufacturing the ammo, like the powder brand/type, the bullet brand/type, the brass casing brand/type,
the primers, Each plays a role in the final performance of the cartridge. I hope that helps give you a little better understanding of the why.

The cartridge you choose is going to be based on how well you and your weapon can shoot each ammo you try.
I don't own that particular rifle but I would give Hornady Superformance a try I've heard that Weatherby rifles will shoot Hornady ammo very well.
Good Luck.
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