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Ridiculous question, I know...

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But I need clarification, which is why I'm asking.

Starting muzzleloading, so bear with me.

Of course there is an "early" ML season that started on the 3rd through the 16th of Nov here in VA, but after the 16th, is an ML NOT considered a "firearm" for "firearms season" that opened up on the 17th?

In other words, can I use my ML all through the rest of the hunting season or do I have to switch to rifle now that the early muzzle loader season was from 3-16th??? I mean, a shotgun is allowed during regular firearms season soooooo why even have this kind of confusion.

Yeah, I know, I'm missing something probably blatantly obvious....:rolleyes:
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check this link out. it should help.


Im pretty sure your allowed a ML during rifle season.
Muzzleloader Deer Seasons

Early Muzzleloader Season East of the Blue Ridge (except on National Forest lands in Amherst, Bedford and Nelson counties)

November 3-16:
  • In all areas where deer hunting with a rifle or muzzleloading gun is permitted east of the Blue Ridge unless noted in the season exceptions listed below.

Late Muzzleloader Season

December 15-January 5:

See how this is confusing for me? lol!

Looking through it, why even have a "late" ML season since rifles are allowed during that time as well? What is going on between November 17th and December 14th????

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Yeah i read over it too. That did not make sense to me either. Maybe they just have it down wrong. Call a game warden if you can. In TN its clearly stated that you can use bow, ML during gun season. Maybe VA just has a weird season.
I found it buckfever ....Thanks for the link. I don't know WHY I missed such a simple thing. It's near the bottom.

Legal Methods and Restrictions During Firearms Deer Seasons:

Special restrictions apply to specific firearms use during this season. See Legal Use of Firearms and Local Firearms Ordinances for details.
  • Modern firearms.
  • Hunters are allowed to use archery tackle or muzzleloading firearms to deer hunt during the firearms deer season with the following conditions:
    • all hunters are required to comply with the either-sex deer hunting days for the firearms deer season.
    • use of muzzleloading firearms is allowed only if not otherwise restricted.
    • muzzleloader deer hunters must wear blaze orange during the firearms deer season.
    • archery deer hunters must wear blaze orange during the firearms deer season except when hunting in areas where the discharge of firearms is prohibited.

Thanks alot! :biggrin:
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Hey i missed it too. And found it odd how they stated the late season of ML during the season of RIFLE. Weird. Glad i could help...
Wait a sec!!! Unless they list it like that because some of the countys dont ever allow a firearms season.
Dunno, I'll be out in the woods tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday with it though. :wink: Charlotte County
And oh yeah. Welcome to the site. Check out some other posts and give some thoughts. Or if you have any more questions im sure some one on here may be able to help you out.
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