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I think we owe in to the game we pursue and to our hunting heritage to show it a little respect. If you are a meat hunter that's fine. If you are a trophy hunter and utilize the meat that's fine but we need to show a little more respect by doing all we can to insure a quick and ethical kill. There needs to also be a little more respect after the harvest. Its that lack of respect before, during, and after that gives hunters a bad persona. By even contemplating shooting a deer with a rim fire shows a complete disrespect for the deer, the heritage, "the sport", and hunters. Mutilating game after the harvest is another sign of disrespect, as bad as shooting it and letting it lay and walking away or just taking the head for a trophy. Hunting is on the decline in this country and this type of behavior isn't going to win it any supporters. Or maybe I've got the wrong idea of what hunting is about.:no::no::no:
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I definitly agree with ya buddy. Respect is a big part of the sport. If you dont have respect for your game then get out of the feild. I love even just being out there to watch the game while im hunting. Its fun to see how they act. An ethical hunt and harvest is a must, to me anyway.
i have nothing but respect for the game i pursue.I pray and give thanks over every critter i have ever killed
Thanks, ronn! Hang in. You know what I mean.
I always enter the woods with intent on getting meat. If the meat shows up in the form of a dandy buck well that's a great bonus. Ronn, pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean by the rimfire sentence? I was just uncertain that's all.
"By even thinking about shooting a deer with a rim fire, 22LR, shows a complete......."and the rest. Sorry if I was confusing. Sometimes I have a hard time saying what I mean.
respect for the game we harvest is a must. and how bout gving a little back to the woods, fields, lakes, and streams we all utilize for game.
yeah, that too!
every year by me they have a reservoir cleanup i try to get involved with .does anyone else do something like this?
The only thing close to that I do is if I find trash while hunting I pick it up and carry it out. be it where I park or out in the woods.
every little bit helps."leave it cleaner than ya found it"
Everytime I go out into the woods I make it a point to bring at least one piece of trash or whatever doesn't belong out with me. It's not much but I see it as the least that I can do.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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