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I love my TC Encore so much I haven't picked up any of my other guns unless we are doing a drive. The thing is a tack driver a 150 yrds. I took a 10pt this year on the move at just under 250 yrds. These thing are deadly. My cousin swears by his knight. they've got a great trigger, it's real smooth, but so's my Encore. I shoot Power belt bullets, they're a little more expensive but are much cleaner to shoot than any of the others. When I say cleaner, I mean the residue the wadding leaves in your barrel. They also pack alot easier and if you need a 2nd shot fast these let you do it. Moisture is something you need to watch. I had a 2 1/2 yr old 8pt this year at 30yrds. moisture got in to my breech and my powder was trashed. I had no idea untill I heard the primer ignite and nothing happened. Since then I've bought a breech cover and make sure that i tape the end of my barrel so nothing gets in that way either. Don't worry the tape won't hinder your accurecy. Alot of guys I know shot 150 grains of powder, great for elk but you don't need all that for deer. I use 100 grains triple 7. It shoots alot flater and has more than enough knock down power.
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