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I shoot a Traditions Pursuit LT .50 Cal.
I love everything about this muzzleloader It's Extremely accurate, I'm shooting 3/4" groups at 100 yards and it takes me all of 5 minutes to fully clean it..

Here's some info about my Muzzleloader..

BREAK-OPEN ACTION The break-open action allows you to prime the muzzleloader quickly and easily. The LT frame is made from durable alloy that will withstand rust and corrosion and makes it one of the lightest carrying muzzleloaders in the field today. The exposed hammer includes a hammer spur that can be used with both right hand and left hand shooters to allow you to cock the gun with a scope mounted. The break-open action also provides you with a super tight seal allowing a positive 209 shotgun primer ignition even in foul weather.

ACCURACY All of our muzzleloader barrels are made to shoot the same way - dead on. Our LTB style bullets are one of the most accurate and dependable saboted bullets in the market today. We have been constantly achieving over 1000 ft./lbs. of energy at 200 yards and under 1" groups at 100 yards.

DSS (Double Safety System) The Pursuit series of muzzleloaders incorporates 2 safeties to make them one of the safest muzzleloaders available. A cross block trigger safety is built into the trigger guard just like a standard rifle or shotgun safety. The second one is built into the hammer that blocks the firing pin from igniting the primer if the trigger has not been pulled.

PAS The PAS (Projectile Alignment System) is one of the secrets why our barrels shoot as good or better than our competitions.. We bore out only 3/8” in the end of the barrel to allow the projectile to be aligned perfectly with the rifling each time the muzzleloader is loaded. Because we only take out 3/8” of rifling in the barrel, this allows our barrels to shoot consistently better with a variety of powder charges and different projectiles.

CLEANING: The time cleaning your muzzleloader is reduced by at least 10 minutes when using our quick and easy break-open action. Open the action, remove the breech plug and clean straight through. It's just that simple!

Whichever you decide on, Good Luck and Happy Safe Hunting.
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