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I will tell you I hate remodeling anymore. I've just about got daughter's old bedroom gutted. Today tearing out hardwood flooring and right now taking a break here. I'm not 25 anymore and things go a lot slower these days. The ole neck and shoulders will hate me later tonight! :yawn:
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HM If I were closer I'd gladly go and offer you a hand with this project, not that my help would make the job move along any faster but it's always good to have company to break up the boredom that sets in on these type jobs...:yes:
Well HM, my father was 63 when he helped me remodel an entire house that my pregnant (at the time) wife and I had just bought. Our house is almost 2,800 sq. ft. and we worked EVERY day for a whole summer from 5am till around 1-2pm. But I stayed alot longer, more like 8-9pm.
All I can tell you is I'm an impatient person by nature... but once it's all done I can sit for hours and stare at everything we did to our house!

btw... I had to vow to him I'd never do that again! He had JUST retired! :bye:

Dad's-- gotta love them!
Seems like I've been after this house for 32 years, never seems done. Going to keep this room as a second bedroom and then start on son's bedroom which I'll turn into a den/game room :thumbup:/ treadmill room :thumbdown: ?
Have about 3/4 of hardwood floor out, must have pulled 1000 nails so far. :yawn: I still have to pull the ceiling down but wanted the lighting for now. BB, I wish you were closer :ph34r:. I do get to take my time as it's not an occupied space.
Better now than during hunting season Hm so keep the ibuprofen handy.
Good luck HM and take your time! I am currently in the middle of a remodel job for my father in law. It is three rooms and he was a heavy smoker so the prep work is killing me not to mention how gross it is. Got two done and need to do the kitchen next, I am not looking forward to that that room is the worst!
Better now than during hunting season Hm so keep the ibuprofen handy.
This right here. All projects are completed in the off season.

We need some pics of the progress. Plus that gives you a break to upload them on here.
Speaking of off season, when I'm not mowing grass this summer, i have a club house to build (that's going to be SWEET b/c i'm building it around 2 trees and it'll be up about 4-5 ft off the ground-so the tree trunks will be inside the clubhouse!) I also have to do some work on my little boy's closet in his room (right now it's one of those closets that you can pass through and enter into the other room! this is a NO-NO when our baby gets here in August!) I also have alot of mudding (drywall) to do all around the house b/c as all of you know when you have a 2 y/o things get thrown into walls and dents and holes happen, I'm also hoping to fix a few places on our siding on our house as well. FUN FUN FUN! I always tell myself i'm not going to do anything during the summer and I'm going to relax,,, but I figure I can relax when I'm 90 and can't get out of my wheelchair!
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