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870. It was the first shotgun I ever bought for myself. 870 Express Mag, both bird and smooth slug barrels. Think I paid like $375 for it. Used it for 8 years. Killed about 50% of everything I pointed it at, (maybe a little less) Ran all types of rounds through it from light weight low brass to 3" Magnum loads. Only had one problem with it, got it wet duck hunting, then it froze on me with ducks landing in the decoys. It is a breeze to take apart. You can field strip it in under 2 minutes and have it back together in about the same time. I probably put close to 4000 rounds through it and only had the one issue after I tried to use it as a boat paddle:whistling:. Never had the 1300.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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