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While Winchester 1300 is a great gun, in my opinion, Remington's 870 is the great shotgun ever produced. I know there are people that would laugh at me for saying that but let me list a few reasons:

  1. Over 10 million produced so there are parts every where and any gunsmith that is worth his salt can fix it blind folded
  2. They are reliable. You probably will never need a gunsmith even though I have seen 2 with bent magazine ejectors that occasionally cause it to jam but look at reason 1
  3. They are inexpensive. Compared to other shotguns, I feel this is the best bang for your buck.
  4. I had an after market shoulder pad put on mine and cut it to fit. I had a gunsmith do this and it cost $40 including pad! You can do that with the 1300 also but I just wanted to tell that story.
I am a little biased since I have 2 870's and only one 1300 but I love all three.
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