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remington model 770

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i was recently out of town visiting an old friend who had won this remington model 770 chambered in 270 in some kind of raffle. he asks me if i want to buy it from him for 200 bucks, and the gun is worth six or seven hundred. to make a long story short i couldnt pass up a brand new still in the box never shot 270. so obviously i bought the gun and i love it already even though i still havent shot it. but i was just wondering what you fellas think about the rifle as a whole????
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This rifle is advertised on the Remington website as a "starter" rifle. It could be bought with a bore-sighted Bushnell scope for a MSRP of $540, or with no scope for $460 (usually gun shops sell at a price below the MSRP). The difference in price, $80, suggests that the scope is a very low-end model. The rifle does not have some of the standard features of their high-end models, like the X-Mark Pro trigger (adjustable), etc., but by getting this stainless synthetic/camo rifle for $200 in the .270, even without a scope, as Howie Mandel would say, "You made a great deal!"
sorry i didnt specify it did come with a scope
Hey, I made a mistake with my math in my post (which I have edited) - the difference in the MSRP for that rifle with the scope or without the scope is only $80. That can't be a very good scope. My suggestion, sell the scope for what ever you can get for it and get yourself a better one. You'll still have a great deal.
Im not familar with the rifle but I am familar with sweet deals and you just got one.. You cant beat the price you paid for that..
Ive got one. Its actually a very decent weapon. Not top of the line by any stretch of the imagination but its defenatly a decent hunting or starter rifle. It'll do the job. The actual design and makeup of the weapon is identical to the Remington 710 if youre familiar with that. The 770 just comes with the bore sighted scope. It is a fairly cheap scope tho its a 3-9x40mm Bushnell you can get for 50 bucks on optics planet. Like I said, not top of the line, but it does the job. Ive got the 30-06 and its accurate.
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