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remington ir pic plus

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This is all I'm seeing where I have the Remington Ghost IR camera. Time to move it.

And then there is this up the hill.

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Yes that is antler you see in that night pic. Sorry we've had tons of rain so the cameras are wet.
nice pics:photo:
isn't that kind of a unique buck? Quite wide for such a young deer, for around here anyway. Oh and the temps on the remington camera are correct. 52 degrees
You have some mighty pretty woods Ron. Would like to get a hold of some of those rocks...... What kind of vegetation is in the pic with the ****? Is that ferns?
yup there are a few oaks to the left. the thing is its not a ****. its one of those grey fox from last year. this camera is not 50 yards from the land owners house.
Grins......looked kind of coonish to me....The tail anyway. I can see it's head in the first pic. Wasn't paying attention last night. So that's the IR cam you've been talking about? And the pics look the same day or night?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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