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Reminder to all

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I'll 2nd that, I have a smoked turkey and two smoked chickens heating up right now. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!
anybody ever had fried turkey?!?!? WOW!!!!
Sure did with the turkey deep fryer injected with some Chiavettas marinade. UMMM GOOD!!!!!
In my book fried turkey is much juicer and tastier than your traditonial oven baked turkey.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Took me 3 tries before getting the "hang" of frying a turkey. Let's just say that the first two were "flaming" disasters. Hey, at least I was smart enough to do this in the middle of the driveway with nothing else nearby.

Frying the turkey seals all the juices inside making it much juicier than the typically "oven roasted" bird. But that's just my humble opinion and $.02 worth.
The thought of MORE turkey right now....:green:

rdrader... was your turkey completely de-thawed? Just like frying anything, if it's frozen at all it'll crackle and pop everywhere. They say with those fryers to NEVER put water on the fire, they said it'll make it worse. Instead keep an old large soaking wet towel near by to throw over the fryer.

Bass Pro has something new though, they have a infrared fryer! It's supposed to be alot healthier than the deep frying kind. It's more expensive too, but I convinced my wife and mother in law to buy one for my father in law!!! It has a built in smoker too and it uses NO oil. Here's a link...

Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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