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Remember the sick deer thread?

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Well I called DNR and this is what their respond is

"If you have a situation where a deer needs to be put down, please call the RAP hotline (Report All Poaching)at 1-800-292-7800. Only law enforcement officials have the authority to put down a disabled/injured animal."

This kind of urks me, because by the time you "report" that deer it may be few miles from where you last spotted it, by the time DNR arrives.
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Like I said Michigan is tough as well as Wisc.. What you found out does not surprize me.
Common sense say's that they can't be letting everyone down wounded/sick deer.
BUT If you have a tag and can legally tag that deer they can't stop you, it will waste your tag but I personally wouldn't care.
I'll extend that much respect to any deer. I'd rather do that than see it suffer.
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