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I received my monthly issue from the NRA and they pose some interesting questions. I shoot the hornady 200 grain .45 cal out of my muzzleloader.
This is measured with a cronograph at 2204 fps. Now the info i get from hornady is at 2325 fps at the muzzle the remaining energy at 200 yds is approx 1351 ft lbs? Is this enough to kill a good buck?
The load I shoot is 110 grains of Blackhorn209 but I feel I should bump it up the extra 10 grains and shoot max load for max energy with this load???
What is the consensus of opinion?

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I agree with ronn the kinetic energy required to kill a whitetail deer is between 750 - 800 ft. lbs. with optimum shot placement.
at 1351 ft. lbs. you should be in business.
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