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I guess that I'd have to try one to really see the difference. Can you put the difference in plain English for me???

My Mosin Nagant has all "original" parts as far as I can tell and I could swear that when I first bought the thing about five or six years ago that it had a two stage "sniper" trigger. I've tried it out lately and whatever was there years ago just isn't there any more. It sat unused for a couple of years since I spent some time in the great big kitty litter box (most people call it Iraq) then wanted to try out a couple other "toys" that I have in the safe.
I believe the Finnish Mosin Nagants have a 2 stage trigger...Its possible that you have a Finnish trigger and sear in your Mosin....but if it "went away" then I don't know. The Mosin Nagant Timney trigger is incredible. Its factory set at 3lbs and it has a Remington 700 style safety on the side of the receiver. I paid $81 for mine and it makes a world of difference if you're using yours as a hunting rifle.

P.S. - Thanks for serving our country. :thumbup:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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