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Reloading for Deer hunting

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The hardest desision is picking which press you want. I recommend a quality single stage press. I have an Ultra Mag by Redding, but have used the Rock Chucker by RCBS and the Orange Crusher by Lymon. The second big choice is what bullet you want to use. I personally am a reloader not a handloader. My idea of a handloaders are those who vary the bullet seating depth until it is perfect for each of their rifles. These troops are always saying I am x thousands of the rifling for this rifle. These handloaders have also tried every powder made and can tell you which is fasted, which groups the best etc. I load for my 30-06s using one powder, one primer manufacturer, and usually one bullet. I bet all of us that reload for Deer have a personal load that we like to load.

My load for 30-06s is
52 grains of Winchester 760, Federal large primer, Nosler 165gr BT


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I too would be just a reloader. I would like to load several calibers which might get confusing for a newbe. RCBS products are what most of my friends/neighbor use. I wish I would have started way back, but I think it would be a nice hobby especially during the winter months. 300 sav, 250-3000 sav, maybe 308 soon :confused: , 270 win, 30-06.
I do have older 22-250 2 die set to sell cheap if anyone is interested. They may be Herter's brand, only used for 40 bullets 35 years ago. Neighbor loaded some hot rounds for me on his RCBS press.
For reloading I just use those little Lee Classic Loader kits....they work pretty darn good for what I use them for and for their cost. I don't use them for any "high volume" reloading, just hunting ammo.
It is a great way to spend some quiet time..

At one time I was loading for myself and 2 friends shooting alot of pistol ammo. I think what I like most is that you have to get organized and go into a rhythm totally focused. Forgetting whatever else might be on your mind.
I have ruined an expensive Coonan Arms 357mag barrel while using a Hornady Pro 7 progressive press. I somehow got distracted and didn't put powder in one case. It was embarrassing to try to combat clear in the middle of competion and end up bleeding from a locked up semi-auto. The bomar adjustable sight carved my palm up nicely when the slide wouldn't operate. After that I sold my Pro 7 to someone smarter than I am and I went back to single stage presses. I have enjoyed increased joy by taking both Elk and Deer with a round that I loaded myself. With the crazy price they are now charging for loaded ammo I am surprised more haven't taken up the hobby.

I use a RCBS rock chucker and I use mostly IMR powder. I bought a RCBS electronic powder scale and dispenser and would never be w/o it It is very accurate to w/i 1/10 plus or minus of a grain. Plus it saves so much time.
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