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Registering a gun

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I have a old Ruger 22 caliber hand gun that was my grandpas. He passed before I was born and my grandma gave me the gun. How do I go about reistering this gun or do I even need to. I rarely use it but would like to go to the range and do some plinking some day. How much trouble would I find if I got pulled over by a cop with a unregisterd gun. Should I get this taken care of before Obama takes office?
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there is no gun registration. you need to check with your state for laws about transporting a pistol. some states require them to be lock in a case or out of reach. all sorts of different things. every state is different. get a conceal carry permit, even for nothing else just to have.
i agree C&C permit to make life easier its hard for anyone to give you a hard time if you go farther than they think you will. to my knowledge there is no gun registration law
NYS laws are brutal in regards to handguns. You have to have any handgun registered and be licensed accordingly. So if anybody was caught in possession of an unregistered handgun and was not licensed then they are looking at a felony charge. Also, any handgun that you possess must be stamped on the back of your permit. So you couldn't be walking around with someone elses iron or you'll get in trouble. And in order to purchase a handgun you need to pay ahead and the receive a coupon/voucher to take to the county to get the info transferred to your permit even before you get possession of said handgun. That's just the beginning of the wonderful statutes of NYS. But do check with your state laws so you wont get in any trouble.
go to the NRA website and click on gun info then click on your state it will have all the most up to date info .you may also want to become a NRA member while your at it:yes:
Sorry guys, I know we don't have to register our guns. What I meant was I want to put this gun in my name (as owner) and out of my grandfathers name if it even is in not sure. Not sure how to go about it. I checked out the NRA website, could not find my answer. Also I have been a NRA member for 3 years.
cause that would be registering a gun. if its yours its yours. doesn't mater if you got it as a gift, bought it, made it, or grew it in your garden, as long as you aren't a convicted felon its yours.
sorry they didnt have what you the local police station i guess.thanks for being a member :thumbup:
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