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Refinish a Marlin 75c stock.

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I Just picked up a Marlin 75c 22lr for my daughter. It's an older gun in good condition, she was hoping for one of the new composites (in pink) Any of you guys ever refinish a stock? I don't really think she'd be happy (for long) with pink, but I can see how she'd prefer something other than normal wood.

I'm not even sure where to start.


The New Guy.
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refinishing a rifle stock is anything or everything you want it to be or more. if you're like me and want the end results to be almost perfect it's going to require a lot of patience and time, years ago I refinished a couple different stocks one I was very happy with and the other I was never able to become satisfied with.

If it's something you've never done before there aree some things you should be aware of, refinishing involves several steps including steps that have you using dangerous chemicals for stripping the original wood finishes, sanding, more chemicals for sealing the wood etc etc etc...
Refinishing any wood product isn't anything I'd suggest doing anywhere near a living area especially if you have small children or pets, it's a process that should only be performed in a well ventilated area like a shed or garage well away from children and pets..
If you are still interested in refinishing the stock yourself here's a link to a Rifle stock refinishing kit

another thing you might want to consider is, there are loads of affordable replacement stocks available on the internet for the Marlin 75c 22lr, <--one example of a website with some replacement stocks available

You might want to call them if interested and speak with them directly,, for 70 dollars I like the #1 pictured which I think is for the .22 Semi auto and the #2 is for the Bolt action

Good Luck
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good post BB, when I did my Hawken project I used an acid on a 250.00 piece of wood that turned it a yellow color then heated it up to turn it black. At that point I was sweating that I just ruined a really nice piece of wood even though I was following the directions. Then as I sanded all the maple stripes were showing up and in the end it came out great. Finishing a gun stock is a good project. Take your time removing the old finish and don't remove hardley any wood as then all the metal parts will extend past the wood and not look very good. As BB stated a good refinish kit for guns is probably a place to start especially if you want to keep the existing stock.
If you did end up just getting a new stock for it, Boyds makes really really nice stocks for the Marlin 60, I'm assuming it would fit the 75C. Although the stock needs to be finished as well.
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