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Recoil Question

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. From NC here. I've been hunting for several years, but have in the recent years became totally addicted to mainly deer, turkey, and rabbit hunting! Here's my question. I have a chance to purchase a 270 by Savage at a fairly reasonable price. My wife from time to time would like to hunt, too, but she's not much on something beating the crap out of her shoulder. It's been a LONG time since I have shot a 270, so I don't remember what the recoil is on them. I know recoil is relative to if the gun is a good fit, a recoil pad, etc. However, I'm just wanting a general opinion, is this gun going to be too hard kicking for her?

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the 270 shouldnt have exessive recoil as log as you dont go heavy in bullet weight if you stay with a 130 gr load their will be little felt recoil and more than enough bullet for deer size game my best advice in bullets for you try to find federal fusion ammo ive loaded my own for years and im hear to tell you they are unbeatable right off the shelf you wont ever shoot anything but i garrantee it,good luck
My thoughts on the Savage 270 for your wife..

You may want to contact a local gunsmith in your area to modify the buttstock length so that the rifle fits her exactly. At the same time you could install a quality recoil pad because they are already trimming the stock. If it fits her she will want to go out to the range and shoot it.

id like to know what type of savage.some of the older ones the stocks were quite clunky and unfinished.i like karl would be concerned with the fit for her.i would let her hold it first and see what she thinks if its gonna be for her.
It's a new Savage. I believe it's the Savage 100 in 270 caliber. It's nothing fancy, just a composite stock. It may have a small recoil pad on it, but I can't remember, so don't hold me to that.
I have an older Savage in a 270 I think it is the model 110. It has always had more recoil than the 7mm mag that I hunt with now. I have also spoke with several others that shoot a 270 and they have also said that a 270 has more felt recoil than compariable calibers.
I've found a Savage FXP in 243 caliber for about the same money. I think the 243 has more than enough power to knock down a deer, and will save mine and my wife's shoulder too.
thats a much better round for wife to handle and she will want to shoot it.the 243 is an adequate round for deer,like any caliber shot placement is essential.good luck
The savage in 243..

I would say that she will be happier with the 243. I would still have the stock shorten to fit her with a new cushy recoil pad installed. Just because the rifle doesn't kick hard doesn't mean that it still won't kick.

the 243 is a great gun my son is 10 yrs old and shoots one i think she will be happy with it and one more thing i'm coming down to nc for a week of deer hunting i don't think it can get much better than hunting in nc we hunt near woodsville
Not familiar with Woodsville, Su106. What county is that in. I am in Yadkin. The deer hunting is great here. Now you watch and see, since I've said that it was great, I won't see a dang thing all season. I jumped three saturday just a few hundred yards from my house at the edge of the woods. I sure hope I get one of the does because she was a COW!
I've found a Savage FXP in 243 caliber for about the same money. I think the 243 has more than enough power to knock down a deer, and will save mine and my wife's shoulder too.
Savage Model 11 "kit" in .243 is an excellent choice. My 16 yr old daughter is using the very same rifle this year to hunt. Hope to have some pics for y'all soon.

My sons both use the Savage Model 111 in .270. Each has their own, mainly due to one being a lefty and the other a right handed shooter. Savage makes a quality rifle and both sons have had successful seasons using them.
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