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For those who follow some of my dog posts, Raven my 7 year old black lab is currently under the knife for a blown knee. She'll be home tomorrow and then 8 weeks of easy going. The problem is she was a frisbie nut and the vet said no more ever. She has a 80% likelyhood of blowing the other knee with-in 2 years, This sucks. Just completed a makeshift ramp up the back deck steps to help her up and down.
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HM I may not be crazy about cats But I am a dog lover
Hope all turns out well & good luck w/ the no frisbie thing that will be tough
I'm a Lab lover, they are tough dogs and bounce back well. Hope all goes well with Raven. I'm sure theres other fun activities she can learn.

Our yellow lab was hit by a car in October, tore him up pretty bad but it didn't keep him down for long. He's stronger than ever now.
Had a yellow myself great dogs good luck with the rehab...
Good luck to Raven and her healing process. She'll be fine HM just appreciate the fact the she is still alive and a big part of your life. It's all a natural way of life to age and break down a little bit.
I hope all goes well for her. My dog got hit by a car about 8 years ago. He had to get a leg taken off but he gets around just fine. He doesn't like to run around on the highway anymore though.

Best of luck with your lab. Hope everything works out for the both of you.

Thanks everyone, Raven is now home and looks pretty sore. Easy going for a few weeks.
I'm Glad Raven's back in the safety of home to relax and recover... Good Luck to Raven.
HM How is Raven doing?
She is moving around, even putting some weight on the surgery side knee. I cut off the pain patch they had sewn into her as she was pulling on it and starting to tear the skin at the sutures. I think she is doing pretty fair now. The vet wanted us to physically move her knee joint after 1 week if she wasn't using it so that won't be needed. Thanks for the concern!
glad to hear things are looking good
Post surgery

Hope I don't get old!


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Poor guy looks like that hurt
Do you have to carry him into the Crib now?
No she actually is pretty mobile and thinks my bed is her's.
Glad to hear she is improving.. Just tell your wife she has to sleep on the couch.. Not enough room for her and the dog as well!!
HM how's the pooch doing?
Hope the wife isn't still sleeping on the couch
she is doing pretty good. Vet checked her out and thumbs up for now, thanks for asking!
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