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rattling ?

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When is a good time to rattle ?
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usually midday when deer are least active.
around my area i would guess about a 1:2 or 1:3 buck to doe ratio, so i have had some success, but is is limited. When i did, it was in the heat of the rut around midday.
thats a darn good management program. kudos to whoever is doing the managing.
I prefer rattleing as a pre-rut tactic and up to the prime peak rut days. Then I switch to grunt tube and estrus scent.
Thanks, do you use real antlers or do rattling bags work better? Does it work on smaller bucks ?

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The first time I tried it (pre rut), I had a buck making a beeline straight to my stand 5 mins after the sequence. He stopped 5 yds from my tree. I found out later that that was not the norm in the woods I hunt. The bucks here generally will walk away quickly when confronted by the oppertunity to meet another buck.

I have not had that kind of success since.

I can relate to the conveneince of a bag but I think I prefer real horns. matter of fact, I really would like to get a new set soon. like maybe 10 pts.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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