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Does a 0 out of 10 work?

Didnt get to bow hunt. To much work. The weather has been weird during ML and Rifle. Seen several little bucks which is still exciting. I dont think I have even seen 1 doe that I could have legally taken. (during gun we have to have another permit, I didnt buy because I usually take my does early in the season.)

The best weather we have had is this week. Which is back to bow season. I scheduled the giveaway this week because this is usually between rut for the 2 different places I hunt. Not so this year. I have seen more deer movement coming home from work these past 2 days then I have seen all year.

Its not at all lost though. Where the big boys roam for me is the area I hunt late in the season. Should get some time there at the end of the month and early Jan. Last years big buck came on Jan 2nd.

It has just been frustrating the way the deer and weather have been acting this year.

Last Saturday I did see a good buck chase a deer down the ridge in front of me at 75 yards. They ran around a group of trees 3 times and then back up over the ridge. Never could get him in my scope. Dont know if he would have stopped for me anyway.

Ok Im done crying. Still enjoy sitting in the tree stand and just being out in the great outdoors.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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