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Rate your season

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While i didnt score on anything big but i harvested a [email protected] doe with the bow and took another small buck with the gun so i cant complain.Always grateful for the harvest.Just seemed like this year in new york it was all or nothing at alot of the camps i know.
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Well it is that way in NH every year
I got a spring turkey w/ shotgun, Fall turkey w/ bow & a doe w/ the Bow so I would have to rate my year a 8 out of 10
didn't harvest anything w/ rifle or anything in NY I still have a week for second Bow tag here but isn't looking good but rating may go up
It's not been a great season for me. I have not been able to get out as much as I would have liked. I have take 3 does and a small buck and we still have over a month of hunting left so hopefully I can find some time to get out.
Its been a a tough deer season for me. I have not been able to get out as much as i would like and haven't even takena shot yet. We depend on venison so hopefully the last few days hear will provide an oppurtunity.

As far as other hunting/ trapping takes I got a spring and fall turkey and trapped my first muskrats, mink, and took an opposum - that has been a blast!

As far as not getting out as much - the birth of daighter #2 came the week before hunting seasons opened hear, 10-10-10. Shes is a huge blessing and would trump the taking of the biggest deer ever.
Congrats timetohunt 10/10 is my youngest daughter's birthday
Thank you gfdeputy2, my wife was hoping for that date for months.
Well this year I got 4 deer, 2 does, a 10pt buck and 1 button buck. (I still have time to bow hunt though...) but so far I'd say 8 out of 10 is my rank. I'm glad that I got to take 2 does, and I hope I get to take at least one more. I'm still huntin' for my BIG 9pt!
The numbers for Ohio's gun season has shown that the harvest is down about 10%. As far as my season, I harvested a respectable 8pt with my bow and in Ohio the law is one buck per year no matter the method taken. I still have a weekend shotgun season, a four day muzzleloader season, and archery doesn't end 'til Feb. 6th. I hope to take a doe in one of those seasons. I'd rate my year as a 9 out of 10 so far because of the amount of deer I have seen and last year I ended up eating a tag sandwich
Does a 0 out of 10 work?

Didnt get to bow hunt. To much work. The weather has been weird during ML and Rifle. Seen several little bucks which is still exciting. I dont think I have even seen 1 doe that I could have legally taken. (during gun we have to have another permit, I didnt buy because I usually take my does early in the season.)

The best weather we have had is this week. Which is back to bow season. I scheduled the giveaway this week because this is usually between rut for the 2 different places I hunt. Not so this year. I have seen more deer movement coming home from work these past 2 days then I have seen all year.

Its not at all lost though. Where the big boys roam for me is the area I hunt late in the season. Should get some time there at the end of the month and early Jan. Last years big buck came on Jan 2nd.

It has just been frustrating the way the deer and weather have been acting this year.

Last Saturday I did see a good buck chase a deer down the ridge in front of me at 75 yards. They ran around a group of trees 3 times and then back up over the ridge. Never could get him in my scope. Dont know if he would have stopped for me anyway.

Ok Im done crying. Still enjoy sitting in the tree stand and just being out in the great outdoors.
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though I have not gotten a deer yet this year it is still a great season. It's great to just be out side in Gods creation.
though I have not gotten a deer yet this year it is still a great season. It's great to just be out side in Gods creation.
Same with me critter gitter.
I only got to PA for bow season, not a good year. I have a ML hunt for early Jan and hope to fill 1 tag. Not crying too much but health this year took a down turn so hunting took a back seat. Congrats to all for your successes.
HM, you better take care of yourself, you gotta teach that granddaughter how to shoot.
I'm with you guys, my tags will make great soup! Were still in muzzleloader season here in Vermont, it ends Sunday Dec. 12th So there's still a chance to harvest a deer but once again, deer or no deer it's been another great learning experience in the great outdoors,,, nothing beats a Sunrise in the forest. :wink:

Good Luck HM Best wishes and prayers for you always.
Graet season in Iowa

I had a great sesason in Iowa Shot a very nice 8 pointer with my bow day after Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving week is my week for deer last year i shot a 12 pointer on Thanksgiving day.
Shot gun season in Iowa is always great I party hunt with my brothers and friends. we all shot deer and had agreat time.We shot a few small trash bucks and we shot a couple of nice bucks as well the bigest deer my nephew shot it was a Nice 11 pointer scored around 140-150 s.
For us its just a great time for us all to get together for a few days once a year at the deer shed.If you would like to see some nice deer just type in the google search bar thedeershed you will bring our deer shed website up.There are some truley big deer on there this deer was harvested within a 10 mile range of each other.
Border Line Eleven

Well I have only harvested one deer this year so far ( going hunting this morning ) but it was my First Buck a nine pointer, so I geuss my season is a 9. But then it is my first deer in Kansas after moving this summer and my first deer with a Rifle ( always hunted with shotguns in Louisiana) so maybe its a 10.

And well this is the first year that my oldest son was actually able to hunt with me (have hunted alone for years no real hunting buddies) so I guess it might be a 10 1/2.

Nope I also, was able to be with my son when he killed his first deer ( a big doe) memories I will never forget. definitely a BORDER LINE 11.

i only took one deer this year, with a rifle. so id have to rate it a 10. i dont care how many deer i harvest, as long as i get to be in the woods with friends and family. also, i got to see my son and daughter for 2 whole weeks while i was on leave, that was worth making the trip all by itself.
Haven't shot any thing this year but four squirrels. The season has been great though.
you know I was just thinking... for everyone who got to go out and hunt at least once this year it should be a perfect 10! It's an awesome blessing that we get to hunt period!!!
You're absolutely right tator, I originally rated mine at a nine, but after seeing your post I thought........just having time and health to be in the woods is a gift in itself
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