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random pics.

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hey y'all. i haven't posted anything in a while so i figured i might as well post some pics from the past couple of weeks...

it actually SNOWED yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! :) i was sooo amazed!!!!!!!!!

my attempt at a :bag:

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thought it was pretty cool looking......if the powerlines were not in it....

the sunset was just as red/orange as it could be a couple weeks ago....beautiful

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nice, you have a good eye for nice photos.
alot of the pics you post should be in magazines/postcards or something.
always great pics. is that the cow from the california cheese deal
Your pics are Always worth the look
Thanks ETD
Awesome pics for sure, thanks for sharing them ETD...
ETD, I hope you don't mind me playing around with one of your pictures.
Just for the fun of it I tried to see if I could edit the powerlines out and it worked. Here's the result.

How does it look to you? Do you like it?

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wow, BB that looks a lot better!!
ETD, Do you have a photo editing software like Photoshop or Paintshop???

If not here's a pretty good Editor, It's FREE if you'd like to give it a try
PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.2.1 (english version with setup / 10.6Mb)

Another good Free one is PhotoScape, between the two you can make some great edits...

Good Luck
thanks! i'll have to give those a try
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