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RAGE hype?

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this is a ? for anybody who has ever shot the rage broadhead. Is the hole and blood trail always as good as what people say? Some of them holes these guys are showing are huge come on every time????
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I have shot 1 buck with them and the hole was huge. He left a blood trail that a blind man could follow. He only went 50 yards or so and most was sliding down a hill. How's that? (3 blade model)
The 3 blade rage did a job on my buddy's PA buck couple of weeks ago. The damage was as advertised. 2.5" entry hole, massive exit and dropped on the spot. I still use Muzzy's though.
I ve seen the three blades do awesome i even got it on tape but the two blades not so much. I saw the hole from the stand but there was not any blood. I lost that deer and decided to go fixed blade.
I shoot the 2 blade rage and I love it. I shot my last buck with it and the blood poured out like a faucet. He fell dead 20 yards away. Will never hunt deer with any other broadhead again
Been considering these broadheads myself, i appreciate the information.
i have heard a lot of good things about these broadheads but just as many bad about them breaking and not opening etc. i dont know first hand but i hope its not true i thought about trying them next year.
I've heard both good & bad as well.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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