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Thanks for the Rage guarantee info I might take advantage of that and go back to Muzzy. I agree it is fishy I should have found some blood, but I didn't. I have a 1 year old blood hound especially for this reason, but I couldn't go get him in time because of work. This is why I asked because I don't know what happened.
I do hope you find the deer to see what happened. I did shot a buck once that had no blood at all. Hit him high and it lodged in the chest no exit. Found him 100 yards away with a chest cavity full of blood. So it can happen and even with a Muzzy I guess. Those whitetail are some really tough animals. Shot a P&Y yesterday that died so quick he didn't have time to bleed. He only went 25 yards or so. They don't go far when the pump house doesn't work. Doesn't always work that way but sure is nice when it does. Well I'm out of here heading to the woods saying NEXT!!!:bye:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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