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quickspin vanes?

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getting some easton full metal jacket arrows made. just wondering if i should use the quickspin vanes or not? also what degree is recomended for vanes. I've always bought stock arrows already put together before so i have no idea which way to go. any input would be greatly appreciated.
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i don't know anything about them other than they have a kicker on the trailing edge. i would think that might be an issue with a biscuit but fine with a fall away rest. just my thinking. i use 2" blazer on a very light arrow.
Cant help you with the quick spins, I had 2" blazers put on my gold tips this spring. I wont be switching to anything else very soon.
thanks for the help guyz i think i'm gonna give them a shot. I'll let you know what i think.
if you do use the quick spins get ready to sight your bow in all over again. the degree on a pre fletched arrow it 1 degree. the quick spins even when put on a 1 degree spin your arrow as if they were on a two or three degree spin. this will slow your arrow down quite a bit. i have arrows on one degree and arrows on two degree. an arrow with a one degree vien on it shot at fifty yards hits dead on and an arrow with two degree viens shot at same distance using same pin hits dirt about five feet in front of target.
Don't know about the speed slowdown but I can tell you is the accuracy is great. My son and I both shoot NAP quick spin st hunters. We shoot different arrows but get excellent flight.
Ronn you are correct they are not recommended for use with the biscuit style rest & is what I use so have not tried them either I use the blazers also last 3 arrows I used the NAP quick fletch & seem to work very well & easy to put on I now carry a package of them for a quick repair if needed
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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