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quick scouting trip with huntnh

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went for a quick scouting trip with huntnh. nice guy.

anyway checked on a new area for him and found a little sign. good trail with freshened scrapes and fresh tracks. turns out its in the neighborhood of areas i had hunted in the past so I did know a little about the hunting pressures. also took him to some related woods to show him other accesses to the area he was looking at. more scouting is needed but it was a start.

hope he got a little something out of our walk.
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i got a ton out of the walk. thanks for taking the time to come down and help me out. i realy think im going to focus a lot of my attention on that area and finding the breaks in the stone walls. thanks again
Thats dadgum awesome.. You a good dude ronn.. huntNH glad you got to get a walk thru with somebody thats being doing this stuff longer than folks like me and you..
It just don't get any better than that! Awsome ronn.:thumbup:
Yeah that's cool you guys were able to hook up and check things out.
That is cool Ronn. I am fortunate to hunt with a group of older guys who all have been hunting thirty years or better. I have been on several such walks where we hunt and soak up what info I can from them. Good luck hunt nh!
wasn't looking for any praise or anything guys. i'm sure if you all are approached you'd go as well. just thought i'd pass along we checked things out a little, very little really.

huntnh, BREAKLINES! find the breaklines and pinch points (like a break in a stone wall), food sources, heavy cover, old rubs and new rubs, the trails leading to and fro and connect the dots. get yourself those topos of the area and don't be afraid to get into the way back. don't forget the best time to scout is after the season and bring ribbon, so you can find it again when the leaves are out. its going to take many many trips. hope you whack one in there.
i hope so to. its nice to live near someone on team DHC
Ronn's a good example of what sportsmen are all about.. :thumbup::thumbup:
If you think scouting with him is fun you should try hunting with him. Ronn is a riot! Keeps me laughing and smiling the whole time. We have a blast every time we get a chance to hunt together.
Folks not looking for praise are the only ones that deserve it. Im just saying I appreciate folks like yourself that help folks out just because you can, not cause you have too. Not everyone in America is like that nowadays.
WOW! How cool is it that yall hooked up off of DHC to scout some together. Fantastic. Best of luck to both of you boys.
going out to hunt over the scrapes we found. finaly get to hunt with the tack driver.:pickle:
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