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I am looking at a new bow -- A PSE Firestorm Lite. I found one online for a really good price, but it is only a 60 lb draw. I wanted one with a 70 lb. So, being a new hunter, I need to know if there is anything specific that I should ask. Also, how much difference is there in KE or in FPS with the 10 pound drop in draw?

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PSE makes a great bow. The most important thing is you have the correct draw length for you. As far as poundage yes the bow will be a little slower but many well know hunters are using lighter draw weights. Roger Raglin and Uncle Ted are using bows in the 50lbs range. Fit is most important because that relates to form and form is a major contributer for accuracy. It will help with minimizing movement when drawing your bow for a shot on an alert whitetail. Personaly I think you will be fine.
Thanks. I really like the set up of the bow. I especially like the size, 30 in. axle to axle and the brace height is 8 in. or so. According to factory specs, it shoots just above 300 fps. (My current bow couldn't acheive that if the arrows were rocket powered.) So anything is an improvement.
use caution in the factory's statement of 300 ft per sec. there are a lot of factors that go into that number and could change for you. I have the PSE vengeance and just got the PSE Xforce last year. different type bows and i like them both very much. to answer your question about KE and FPS there are just to many things involved to give an answer. draw length, arrow weight, fletchings and so on. That being said many many deer have been taken with speeds way less than 300fps. I'm sure you will like the bow if it fits you and you can shoot it well.
personally i wouldnt buy a bow may pay more at a real store but you can try it out you can bring it back your taking all the risk for little reward
the thing, the bow retails for $400.00. The one online is relatively close to our house, (close enough that we can meet) and it is only $225.00. One year old, can't hardly turn it down.
thats alittle different if you can met the seller and try out the bow first go for it.remember if it doesnt fit properly you'll get frustrated with it and it will be a waste of money.If it fits go for it
Just make sure that the draw length is exactly correct, if not changing cams would make the deal not so great. The bow must fit correctly or you will never be happy. In most cases you get what you pay for. I tend to save a bit longer and purchase an upscale model. I think new from a pro shop tends to make the best deal for the long haul. You may pay up front but longevity brings the origional cost down year after year.
well said hunting man and i'd like to add that goes for a lot of things.
years ago my dad told me "buy the best.and you'll only have to buy it once"Its true too many times i skimped and then wound up buying a replacement for the original crappy item.:sadbanana:
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