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Question on thermacell

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Since using the thermacell i have been busted by deer awhole lot more often. What do u all think anyone else have same problem?
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Is this the battery operated bug deterent?
Hunterdave I do not think I have been busted more using it. But it sure is nice not to draw attention to myself swattin at the skeeters in early bow season in Georgia. I think they have some pads for them now that are scented but I do not know if they still work as a bug detertent then.
Best invention for the early season hunter since the broadhead. No, I have had no problems.
Thanks guys maybe its just me being silly. You know how it is trying something new.
I've been curious as to how well they work and how much it cost to run one for an all day hunt. If I remember correctly you need to buy pads and fuel. Are they worth it?
When they first came out my cousin that works for an outfitter here in Ga got to go on a all expense paid trip to the swamps of south carolina on a early season bow hunt in the middle of august an he said you couldn't even sit in a tree without it no matter how much off bugspray you had on. The next day they used the thermacell an had no problems with the knats, mosiqutos, or biting flies.
You hunt in the Mississippi Delta in bow season you have to have one. They work very well. I hate bug spray because it seems to make me feel hot, but the Thermacell is great. The only problem I have had with it is when a little piece of bark got in it and it started smoking, but that was my fault.
They are not to expensive to use. If you can find the butane cartridges that go in the travel curling Irons for women they are the same ones that go in the Thermacell it will save you a few dollars on that end. They are great and one of the best things to come along in the outdoor market in quite a while.
I think that the advertisement on TV stated that it was definitely a + for the hunters
i love mine never had a problem but dont forget no matter what ya got to respect the wind and the deers nose.odds are it was hot and you got sweaty
I bout the thermacell the first year I saw it because I have a large pond on my property and there are several slews running the back side of it so mosquitoes can be a pain. On those 75 degree bowhunting days you can here the hum of then coming after the sun goes down.

I have used the thermacell in several different conditions and it has always performed well. I rarely get bit when using the product and I have never had a deer catch any scent off of it too. Last year had a few deer within 20 yards (wind blowing straight to them) and they never looked my direction once.
I didnt see this thread earlier but yeah mine smokes, and it definately didnt help Saturday when six does can down wind of me, maybe they would of busted me anyway but they definately busted me with that thing sending smoke signals to them.
Bowhunting here in Florida, it is a godsend. The Shannons Bug-tamer Is what I wear to the stand and till the Thermo gets to working.[about 10 minutes]. Then I can take it off if I want with no bugs to deal with. The bug-tamer gloves are hard to shoot a bow with and we all know what a headnet does with arrow flight so I used to have to rub bugspray on those areas before thermo's came out. I figure if the thermo scent spooks em then they will have smelled you instead or smelled both so try to stay down/cross wind. I havent had a deer spook to my knowledge with mine on but have wondered what breathing the gas it gives off are doing to my lungs. Sometimes it gets pretty strong.
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