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Question about the classifieds

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Why are the post about available hunting land locked. Maybe some are interested in some of these places. Just wondering. I know I was interested in that KY deal and maybe some of the others that I just now found.
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Most of those posts are advertising, The DeerHuntersClub isn't here for free advertising.
if a member wants to post items for sale in the classified section that's fine but free advertising isn't cool.
oh ok. i've just seen stuff like the flash lights and the tupur ware stuff. I thought was what it was for. Is there any way to get that link to the ky deal? if not i understand. thanks bruce
I PM'ed you the info Ronn. I'm glad you understand, you wouldn't believe how many people come in and make one post and it's usually always an Advertisement, pretty bold of them to spam websites like that, I'm sure they know spamming is illegal.
Thanks for explaining that Bruce.

When we first opened up the classified section we also called it "open leases" too. We only got 1 legit farmer that was trying to lease his land. All the other ones were outfitters trying to sell high dollar hunts. To be able to spend less time dealing with spam we just took the open leases part out. In my eyes its bull crap that we had to take that off to help prevent the spam. An outfitter wants to charge a pretty penny for you to go on a hunt but then they try to advertise their business the illegal free way. In the end its harder for hunters to find a legit lower cost lease because of the spammers.. :boxing:

Hope that helps clarify a little. We tried but we got overun with morons.
yup that explains it well. it is to bad that it gets ruined. it would be a great way to find legit land to hunt. thanks guys
Hey, guys, what's all this stuff about finding land to hunt? I've got well over 8,000,000 acres of free public land to hunt here in Montana.
good point onehorse
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