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Question about a lure?

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I've been hunting for 5 years and I've always used tink's. My cousin told me about a new deer lure that he just started using. So far he has shot 2 does on 2 hunting trips so far. I'm real picky so I told him I would check on some forums and see if other hunters have had luck or know about this product. I looked on the website and it looks interesting. I heard it's a small business and I'm all for helping the little man but I want to make sure it works. If anyone has some information please respond. The name of the product is Big Daddy lure. Thanks and have a great day!
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i bet it's garbage compared to some of the popular name brands on the market, I wouldnt use it.
I read a few blogs and have read some good things about it. Someone from South Carolina shot a nice buck already. It's on the website trophy page. I also called the owner and he seemed pretty cool about answering my question. Thanks for your input!
You have to be really careful on the scent product makers. I watched a documentary several years ago basically said no way can distributors have enough estrus does to fill tons of pee bottles. I know they can force estrus cycles but it would take a whole lot of deer to sell large quantities of bottled products. However, every year I do purchase Code Blue products, and Golden estrus I think is made by Wildlife Reshearch. Do I think it is fully as described no way, does it work, sometimes. Sometimes is better than never. Purchase what you believe helps you harvest.
Has anyone else read the reports of urine based lures spreading cwd.I saw a deer farm operation the other day that had plastic sheets covering the fences.I assume its to prevent nose to nose contact with wild deer.
I've had very good luck with Special Golden Estrus.
i bet it's garbage compared to some of the popular name brands on the market, I wouldnt use it.

well BB, why don't you tell us what you really think? lol :lol:

I agree though with you all... i use the Buck Bomb and I'm starting to think they "create" thier scents rather than "collect" them. I'm seriously thinking about stopping all scent-use. :confused:

I meet with the owner of Big Deer Hunters yesterday. We talked for about an hour. I usually don't get to excited over scent because so many just use filler urine or synthetic scents. His lures look really cool and the smell was unbelievable....very strong. He took me through the 7 ways to use it, plus I have a few ways to try it myself, and it looks promising. The reviews I've read online and now having the product I will definately give it a try. I bought one of each and I will use it next weekend. I can't say how affective it is yet but I test it out. Thanks guys for all your input. Time to bag a buck!!!!!!!!!!
I use active scrape cant remember who makes it but it works great for mock scrapes. For pee and estrus I buy the stuff from the deer farm here in MN so its fresh and real. They dont release the estrus until about another 2 weeks when there does go
IST, Any way you could pass on the company's name for contact? Thanks.
I used buck bomb products the last 2 seasons and till last year was a firm advocate of the aerosol product line. It is my belief that they have had too much success with their products and cannot maintain quality control parameters. all that aside, I used their doe estrus in place of a drag and led a buck with laser guided accuracy for over 40 yds.
If and when they get their nozzle situation rectified, I will use their products again.
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