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putting up a stand

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a friend of mine has told me that putting up a stand the day before hunting spooks all the deer but i have done this for many years now and have still harvested deer. what do you think about this? whats your opinion?
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i hang months in advance and move them during the seaon as needed. scent and this new thing in the woods are the reasons i do so. but thats just me
In my experience putting up stands such as climbers and hang-ons the day before a hunt your probably ok but anything bigger than that you better be lucky... Honestly if its a good spot and the deer are in full rut than you'll be fine... just get in and out as quick and quiet as possible and definitely put it up in the middle of the day !! Thats your best shot...
thanks for the input fellas
When we first put out my Haybale Blind, that same night a very nice buck came to the feeder which was about 25-30 yards away. But I still think it is a good idea to put the stand up at about a week or so before you plan to sit...
Im like ronn I try to put up stands early on before season starts, but I do move them during the season and if time allowed hunt them the next day. If the spot is hot your ok. Just get in and out quickly and cover your scent as well as possible.
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